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Five Star Wealth Manager recipient Gregory E. Robinson, J.D.St. Louis Estate Planner

We are an independent wealth management firm located in the St. Louis area.  We are committed to helping people BUILD, PROTECT and TRANSFER their wealth. Our independence allows us to offer you objective advice and a wide array of investment solutions. 

We are recipients of the Five Star Wealth Manager award and remain committed in our efforts to help clients make the most of their financial future.  We’d love to meet you and see if we’re a good fit as your estate planning lawyer.

To receive the Five Star Wealth Manager award, individuals must satisfy a series of eligibility and evaluation criteria associated with wealth managers who provide services to clients.  Recipients are identified through research conducted by industry peers and firms.   Third party rankings and recognitions from rating services or publications are not indicative of past or future investment performance.  For more information, go to


Our mission is to help you live the life you want.  We start by getting to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that’s designed to address your individual situation.

We understand the challenges families face today.  From managing debt to saving for college or retirement, these personal finance challenges can be overwhelming. Our commitment is to utilize all of our resources to help you pursue your goals.

We believe in thinking “outside the box” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to investing and preserving wealth. All of our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you and your satisfaction.


We assist clients with solutions based on their particular needs using a simple 4-Step Process:

  1. Obtain and Analyze Financial Information.  We begin by analyzing your current financial information to develop an understanding of your specific needs and personal goals.  Some of the information we obtain includes your current assets, preferred risk tolerance, tax bracket, investment time frame, liabilities and your cash flow needs.
  2. Formalize Your Plan.  After we have identified your goals, we assist you in drafting an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  Your IPS is your road map for your investment decisions.  It takes into account your current needs and the needs that you may have in the future. 
  3. Implement Your Plan.  Your IPS serves as a reminder of your goals, objectives and time horizon of your investment plan. Once it is in place, we then help you implement that plan by helping you invest your money according to the objectives and goals you have set.   
  4. Monitor and Update.  We like to meet with our clients regularly to monitor and review their plan.  We discuss current economic events, review the capital markets, and review their portfolio performance.  This allows us to make changes as needed to keep your plan consistent with your goals and adapt to life events.

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